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Shipping and pickup


NO SHIPPING BETWEEN 17.12.19 - 06.01.20 

From 10.01.19 all orders outside Norway will be shipped with TRACKING. I will send you a trackingnumber after you order. It can take 1-3 weeks before you get your order, depends on where you live. Contact me for any questions.


I ship with A-post, no tracking. It normal takes 5 - 14 working days  to get your order. Contact me for any questions. If you order print, it can take a couple of days longer. This webshop is run by Anette Moi, and sometimes Anette is on holiday and work on comissions in other cities, then the orders can take a bit longer. Please e-mail if you need an order for a specific date etc. 

Pickup: Please use discount code MOISTUDIOPICKUP and get free shipping and come pickup your order at my studio at Øvre Holmegate 26 in Fargegaten. My studio is located at 2 floor in Hanekam. Send me a message or call me if I’m not there (93916827)